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We know we’re very often excited – but today we can’t CONTAIN ourselves!!

Not only has the Box of OMG #6 now launched, with boxes making their way to your homes right now, but we can ALSO announce the Box of OMG #6 Unboxing Competition open!!

OMG! If you are waiting for your first ever Box of OMG  to arrive, or you don’t know about the Unboxing Competition yet, we’ll explain why this is the most famous #TotallyOMG comp out there.

So, here’s what you need to do:

1) Open your Box of OMG #6 and do a celebratory dance

2) Grab your camera/smartphone/tablet, and film yourself opening EVERYthing in your box!

3) Upload your video to YouTube

4) Send the link to (videos@superawesome.tv), to be entered into the competition :)

5) Keep checking the Blog to see if YOU’VE won!!

Simple, right? So, what can you win? Well, we’ve had some #TotallyOMG prizes in the past, like iPad Minis, and the OMG Kit (containing GHDs and Benefit goodies) – but THIS time, it’s up to YOU!

Just like last time, there will be a prize for the video with the most views, and a prize for the most creative video – so what do YOU think they should win?

Tweet your suggestions, tagging @boxofomg, and using the hashtag #Unboxing, and we’ll pick the most #TotallyOMG choices as our Unboxing prizes!

Need some inspiration for your video? Check out the Box of OMG #5 winners – this could be YOU!

iPad Mini winner, for the most views:

OMG Kit winner, for the most creative video!

This competition will close on the 30th June – good luck OMGers, and get filming!

Team OMG :)

The fourth and final clue is here

It’s about time we gave a cheer!

So, where have I taken the MEGA OMG?

Just look below, and you’ll see…


Email (omg@boxofawesome.tv) with this location for a chance to win a #TotallyOMG Spy Kit!! :D