As the Box of OMG #6 launch comes excitingly close, we have finally come to the end of the Box of OMG #5 Unboxing Competition!! It’s been absolutely, #TotallyOMG, and we’ve had a RECORD-BREAKING number of entries!!

Over 70 OMGers have shown us what they’ve got, made us go OMG and given us hours of entertainment! We’ve never seen the boxes looking so good :)

So, as you’ll all know, for the FIRST TIME, we’re giving away TWO prizes in this Unboxing Competition – an iPad Mini (for the video with the most views) and a #TotallyOMG Kit for the most creative video, as decided by the OMG judges!

You’ve all really impressed us at OMG HQ, and it was so hard to choose the winners this time… but the soon-to-be owner of an iPad Mini, with an amazing 2,248 views, is…


WELL DONE! That is really impressive and #TotallyOMG! Please email ( to claim your iPad Mini!! :D

Next up, the brand new prize, for an OMG Kit, containing Pink GHDs, Nails Inc Polish AND Benefit Lip Gloss… (WOW)… the OMG judges thought long and hard about which video was the most creative, and in the end, they had to award the prize to…

Leah Adams!

WOW!! #TotallyOMG editing, Leah! We think a Box of OMG film needs to happen :) We can’t wait to see what you come up with next (maybe you’ll even make a video featuring your new OMG Kit?) :) Please email ( to claim your AMAZING prize!

That’s a wrap OMGers – remember, it’s not long til the Box of OMG #6, so you’ll all get another chance to win a #TotallyOMG prize in the next Unboxing Competition! Plus, judging by the OMG skills you guys are showing, we really think you guys deserve an award! Check out Future8 – you’ll get a chance to show of your skills and get a kick-start in a #TotallyOMG career! Keep your eyes on the Blog for more updates!

Good luck, and stay #TotallyOMG!

Team OMG :)