#TotallyOMG news everyone! The magical Thirteen Treasures has been dropped into some special Boxes of OMG #6!

PLUS, even better news! If you LOVE the Thirteen Treasures series as much as we do, we’ve got a treat for you. :) To celebrate the publication of One Wish, the magical prequel to Michelle Harrison’s Thirteen Treasures series, we have a special guest post from Michelle herself.

Read on to find out how Michelle became a writer and what her one wish now would be.

When I left school, my biggest wish for the future was to become a published author. I’d always loved stories, and begun writing my own when I was around fourteen. I never dreamed I’d end up writing about fairies, though! My Thirteen Treasures series was inspired by a beautiful book of fairy artwork and legends that my art teacher showed me at college. It presented fairies in a way I’d never seen before: these weren’t the pink, sparkly, wish-granting fairies I’d read about as a child. These were dangerous creatures who posed a real threat to unsuspecting humans, sometimes even stealing them away into their own world. Very soon, I had an inkling for a story about a girl who has the rare ability to see them.


I wrote in the evenings, at weekends and in every spare moment (most writers have to work in other jobs to begin with). Eventually, after nearly five years of sending sample chapters out to agents and publishers, I secured a book deal and went on to write two more stories in the series, because I found that the more I wrote and became immersed in this world I’d created, the more new ideas kept coming. I kept thinking about my characters and wondering what they were doing, and messages from my readers told me they were also wondering exactly the same! I received countless requests for another book in the series, and so I began to think of all the things that could go on to happen.


Then it occurred to me to wonder what Tanya’s life had been like before the Thirteen Treasures series took place, and I realised this could give me an opportunity to not only explore her past, but also to create a host of new and exciting characters.  So I decided to take that opportunity, and I’m glad I did. The characters in One Wish are some of the best I’ve imagined: from Ratty with his extraordinary and secret magical ability, to his loyal and cheeky fairy Turpin (a compulsive thief), and of course the mysterious Wishing Tree . . . able to grant your heart’s desire.

My one wish now is for the story to be enjoyed as much when it is read as it was when it was written . . .

We love Michelle’s wish and think that it would be #TotallyOMG to hear yours. So, we would love you guys to tell us:

What’s your biggest wish?

Would you like wings to fly like Tinkerbell? Or the ability to talk to animals like Dr. Dolittle? Or maybe a never-ending supply of books?

Just answer in the blog comments section below, and one lucky winner will get a set of the ENTIRE collection of books in The Thirteen Treasures series, as well as some stunning Thirteen Treasures postcards to brighten up your walls.

This competition will close on the 12th June, so get wishing!

Team OMG :)