We have LOVED having the magical addition of Michelle Harrison’s Thirteen Treasures in the Box of OMG, as well as the gorgeous postcards from the other books in the series – and we can see you guys loved them too. :)

That’s why we are super-excited about Michelle’s new book, One Wish, a magical prequel to the Thirteen Treasures series! To celebrate, we gave you OMGers a chance to win the ENTIRE collection of books from the Thirteen Treasures series, as well as a full set of beautiful postcards :)

With Michelle’s lovely wish as inspiration, we asked you guys…

What’s your biggest wish? 

Well, loads of you entered, and your wishes really were special and magical! But, we could only choose one winner.

So, who gets a full set of Thirteen Treasures books?

Well done Megan Parker!! 

Here’s her winning wish:

My wish would be to have my own secret library! I love to read and every chance I get to read I do. So I would love to have my own secret library which I could just sneak off to and no one could find me. In the library there would be comfy chairs and an open fire so it’s warm and cosy just the right place to get into a magical book! The library would have a never ending supply of awesome books so I never get bored. Just like Michelle I love to write and so I would have a desk in the corner and a ideas board on the wall also my library would be the best place to day dream ( also my hobby) so I can dream up my ideas for a story! In pride position on the best shelf would be the Michelle Harrison Thirteen Treasures series so I could be inspires and to light up the walls would be the Thirteen Treasures postcards! My wish is to have a dream library where I could read forever !

AMAZING wish, Megan!! We would love an invite to your #TotallyOMG library. :) Please email (omg@boxofawesome.tv) to claim your prize!

Well done everyone – remember, show us on Twitter or Instagram (@boxofomg)  if you got Thirteen Treasures or a magical postcard in your Box of OMG. We’d love to see them! :)

Stay #TotallyOMG!

Team OMG :)