To celebrate ‘Flora in Love‘, the latest book in the ‘Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby‘ series  featuring in the Box of OMG #7, we have been sooo excited to host a #TotallyOMG Pyjama Party Competition!

We gave all you OMGers the chance to WIN an amazing Pyjama Party Kit, including:

Six pairs of floral pyjamas
A Nails Inc nail kit
A Benefit make-up kit
A £30 Dominos pizza voucher
Hot Chocolate
A DVD bundle – Frozen, Catching Fire, Pitch Perfect, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Despicable Me 2.
Six copies of The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby: After Iris and Flora in Love

WOAH! It’s hard to believe you can fit that much OMG in one package!! :D

So, LOADS of you entered  (over 100!) to let us know:

Which character from ‘Flora in Love’ would make YOUR Pyjama Party #TotallyOMG? 

We had loads of different answers, and some #TotallyOMG reasons why the characters would make YOUR Pyjama Party the BEST ONE EVER :D

So, who gets to throw the ultimate Sleepover with this bundle of OMG?

Well done…


Here’s her #TotallyOMG entry:

I would invite Bluebell (Blue),
she seems like a nice girl, who doesn’t care about what she wears or what she looks like. Also she learn’t how to skateboard which means she is active and likes to have fun. On the sleepover we would probably go on the trampoline and bounce around, having fun. Then we would do a bit of skateboarding in the back garden (she could teach me as I don’t really know how to skateboard). After that we would spend the rest of the day outside doing lots of things, for example playing badminton, tennis, making routines up on the trampoline, also if it was hot, we could have a water fight with the hose and put the water slide out. Then if we had time we could walk down to the local shop and buy some sweets for when we “go to sleep”.Once we had got back we would have dinner and then watch a movie with a load of popcorn- Hunger Games Catching Fire! After that we both stay up nearly all night laughing, chatting and stuffing ourselves with sweets! It would be really fun with Blue as she doesn’t seem as girly as Flora and we would probably have a blast.Which is why I chose Blue!!!!

Nice answer Ellie! Please email to claim your #TotallyOMG Pyjama Party Kit! 

Plus, check out the five runners up, who all get copies of After Iris and Flora in Love! 


Nadima Ahmed

Michaela Nicholls




Please email to claim your books! :D

We hope you all love reading your ‘Flora in Love’ samplers in the the Box of OMG #7 – show us yours in your Unboxing Videos! :D

Stay #TotallyOMG!

Team OMG :)