We hope you guys have been LOVING your Box of OMG #7 so far – as always, we’ve slipped some #TotallyOMG items inside, including hours of fun with a super summer read!!

One of our favourite returning books to the Box of OMG is ‘Dork Diaries’, so we just HAD to slip in one of the most recent books in the series, ‘Dork Diaries 7: TV Star‘!

If you’ve been following Nikki Maxwell, you’ll have been rooting for her to finally get together with her crush, Brandon. In this installment, you’ll FINALLY get to see what happened with Nikki and Brandon’s first kiss! But whilst a reality TV crew is following Nikki and her friends as they record their hit song together, with hours of voice lessons and  dance practice, let’s hope the excitement doesn’t cause things to come between her and Brandon! Plus, there’s her sister Brianna’s latest wacky hijinks to deal with…

Join Nikki as she tells it all from her point of view :) We’d love to hear what YOU thought of ’Dork Diaries 7: TV Star’ – tweet us your favourite moment at @BoxofOMG  at we’ll retweet our favourites! Pictures are more than welcome too!

SQUEEEE! We’re so excited about this book!

Stay #TotallyOMG!

Team OMG :)