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Show us your #TotallyOMG Dork Diaries book! :)

OH EM GEE!! We hope you guys have been LOVING your Box of OMG #7 so far – as always, we’ve slipped some #TotallyOMG items

October 06, 2014 Book Reviews, Box of OMG, News
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Who has WON a #TotallyOMG Pyjama Party Kit with ‘Flora in Love’?

OMG!!! To celebrate ‘Flora in Love‘, the latest book in the ‘Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby‘ series  featuring in the Box of OMG #7, we have

August 05, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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WIN a #TotallyOMG Pyjama Party Kit with BlueBell Gadsby!

We’ve been giving you guys some #TotallyOMG sneak-peeks into the Box of OMG #7 already… and this one is super, SUPER OMG!! The Diaries of

July 07, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Who WINS a full set of Michelle Harrison books with their One Wish?

We have LOVED having the magical addition of Michelle Harrison’s Thirteen Treasures in the Box of OMG, as well as the gorgeous postcards from the

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Who wins a #TotallyOMG Spy Kit with ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’?

Microscopes down, OMG detectives! The investigation is over, and it’s time to announce the #TotallyOMG winners of ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo‘ competition!! The

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Cathy Cassidy in Box of OMG #6! WIN a copy of ‘Sweet Honey’ + the whole ‘Chocolate Box Girls’ series!

The Chocolate Box Girls: Each sister has a different story to tell – which one will be your favourite? We are super-excited for Cathy Cassidy

May 24, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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WIN a #TotallyOMG fairy-tastic collection of Michelle Harrison books!

#TotallyOMG news everyone! The magical Thirteen Treasures has been dropped into some special Boxes of OMG #6! PLUS, even better news! If you LOVE the

May 22, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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The Case of the Exploding Loo in OMG#6! Meet the author, solve the case and WIN a Spy Kit!

We have been conducting  an experiment here at OMG HQ, and we’re pleased to announce our #TotallyOMG findings… ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo‘ is

May 16, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Be a SuperAwesome reader, and help us shape the future of fiction!

Calling all OMGers! We all love a good book here at SuperAwesome HQ – romance, fantasy, thriller – you name it, we are hooked! In

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Who has WON a whole YEAR’S sub to OMG in our Book Review Comp?

OMG! We’ve come to the end of our #TotallyOMG Book Competition already! We asked you guys to review the book that YOU got in your

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