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The Golden Box of OMG is BACK! And THIS time you can WIN it!

OMG!! Now that the Box of OMG#7 has started shipping, we are super excited to find out what you all think of your new boxes

July 15, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Submit your #TotallyOMG artwork and take over our Facebook page!

Calling all OMG artists! We’ve got a #TotallyOMG new competition for you, and it will require all your artistic talents! We’ve noticed some amazing, #TotallyOMG

May 30, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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The OMG #6 Unboxing Competition is LIVE! You choose the prizes!!

  We know we’re very often excited – but today we can’t CONTAIN ourselves!! Not only has the Box of OMG #6 now launched, with

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The Case of the Exploding Loo in OMG#6! Meet the author, solve the case and WIN a Spy Kit!

We have been conducting  an experiment here at OMG HQ, and we’re pleased to announce our #TotallyOMG findings… ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo‘ is

May 16, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
OMG5_unboxing_live_blog_closed 2

Who has WON an iPad Mini or OMG Kit in the Box of OMG#5 Unboxing Competition?

CUTTTT!!! As the Box of OMG #6 launch comes excitingly close, we have finally come to the end of the Box of OMG #5 Unboxing

OMG_BDAY_blog_closed 3

Who has WON a YEAR’S SUB to Box of OMG in our Birthday Comp?

Our Birthday Month is over today! That means we are now OFFICIALLY one year old! *pops a pink party popper* We’ve had a #TotallyOMG time

OMG_BDAY_blog 56

It’s OMG’s Birthday Month! Celebrate with us and win a year’s sub!! :D

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy BIIIIIRTHDAY to Box of OMG, Happy Birthday to us!! That’s right everyone – Box of OMG

April 02, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News, OMG TV
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What book did you get in your Box of OMG? Win a year’s sub!

There’s one #TotallyOMG  item that ALWAYS makes its way into every Box of OMG – and that’s an absolutely amazing, totally addictive book! Whether you’ve

OMG_book_blog_E (1) 64

‘A Boy Called Hope’ featured in Box of OMG #5! WIN a #TotallyOMG creative kit!

With the Box of OMG #5 being launched in just 2 DAYS, we wanted to ask you guys… What is your absolute dream? Do you

February 19, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Get #TotallyOMG writing tips from Carina Axelsson, author of Model Under Cover!

OMG! The Box of OMG#5 is coming out on FRIDAY!! Whether you’ve guaranteed a MEGA Box, or you’re waiting to see if you are gonna

February 17, 2014 Box of OMG, News
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