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Who wins 150 Awesome Points for their #OMG7selfie?

OMGers! Ever since the Box of OMG#7 was released, you guys have been SUPER OMG with your cameras! The #omg7selfie comp has given us a

July 30, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Who won a MEGA Box of OMG in our #omgpinkcomp?

Woah! We’ve had a pink AVALANCHE here at OMG HQ – and we’ve LOVED it! We asked you guys to show us your favourite pink

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Show us your FAVOURITE pink item for a MEGA Box of OMG!

Well, there’s one thing you guys must all know about OMG HQ by now… WE LOVE PINK!  Pink paper, pink books, pink nail files, pink

March 31, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, News
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Who got creative with their OMG#4, and WINS a MEGA OMG#5?

Put your boxes down, everyone! Now that the last few Boxes of OMG#4 are going out to #TotallyOMG homes, we’ve come to the end of

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FASHION ALERT: Model Under Cover featured in Box of OMG#5!

Ever dreamed of working in fashion? Want to find out all about the exciting lives of models and fashion designers? Well we have a #TotallyOMG

February 10, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions

FINAL ALLOCATIONS! It’s your last chance to win a MEGA OMG#4!

So, you thought you’d missed out on the MEGA OMG goodness? Well, think again! We are super-excited to reveal that we have one last batch

January 16, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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What did you get for Christmas? Will YOU win the Unicorn Kigu?

Well, Christmas Day is over, we can just about move again after that MASSIVE lunch, and it’s time to continue the festive joy with Team

December 26, 2013 Box of OMG, Competitions
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What will be under the OMG Christmas Tree? YOU tell US to win!

OMG! It’s only one more sleep til Christmas! We all know what that means… no, not Brussels Sprouts. (Eew). PRESENTS! It’s Christmas Eve and we

December 24, 2013 Box of OMG, Competitions
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WIN: Follow OMG on Instagram!

#TotallyOMG news you guys! Box of OMG are now on selfie-central … That’s right, we’ve got our own Instagram! If you don’t already know, Instagram

October 14, 2013 Box of OMG, Competitions
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