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Just under 2 weeks left! Could you WIN an iPad Mini or a #TotallyOMG Kit?

The Box of OMG 5 Competition is finally coming near to the end, and we’ve had a RECORD BREAKING number of videos this time! From

April 24, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, OMG TV
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Who won £150 Amazon Vouchers in our video competition?

As you guys will know, our SuperAwesome Competition to win £150 Amazon Vouchers ended on Monday, and we had some a-mazing entries! We found out

March 01, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions, OMG TV
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OMG 4 Unboxing winner announced!! Who WON an iPad Mini?!

Just a reminder: the Box of OMG 5 is launching TOMORROW!! If we were more excited right now, we might explode. Seriously. It’s that big

WIN an ipad_extended_blog_OMG 1

COMPETITION EXTENDED: WIN an iPad Mini with Box of OMG#4!

BIG NEWS EVERYONE! As we’re STILL getting soo many #TotallyOMG entries to our Box of OMG #4 Unboxing Competition, we giving you guys an extra

February 13, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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There’s still time to WIN £150 Amazon Vouchers on SuperAwesome TV!

OMG! If you haven’t already heard, we are running a #TotallyOMG competition to WIN £150 Amazon Vouchers (that’s a year’s worth of music)! PLUS, we’ve

February 03, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
OMG_3FinalAllocations_Blog 10

LAST ALLOCATION! Will YOU get a Box of OMG#3 and an iPad Mini?!

OMG!! We don’t mean to alarm you or anything, but the FINAL ALLOCATIONS for the Box of OMG#3 take place this Saturday! That’s right, keep

September 27, 2013 Box of OMG, Competitions, OMG TV
BOOMG_CompWinGoldBox_Blog 15

WINNER of the OMG TV unboxing competition for OMG#2 – plus the Golden Box!

As we rapidly head towards the exciting new world of OMG#3, it’s time to finished off the glory days of OMG#2 by announcing the winners

September 04, 2013 Competition Winners, Competitions, OMG TV
GOMG_blog 16

The Golden Box of OMG is still missing in action… could YOU win it?

All the Boxes of OMG we’ve sent out, and still no-one’s found the Golden Box of OMG containing a special golden ticket for you to

August 16, 2013 Box of OMG, OMG TV
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Can YOU beat these #TotallyOMG videos to win our OMG TV competition??

Remember our OMG#2 unboxing video competition? In case you’ve forgotten amid the excitement of recent allocations and Awesome Points codes, let’s just say that you

August 14, 2013 Competitions, OMG TV
unboxingvid-blog 10

Star on OMG TV and win a year’s FREE subscription for you AND your classmates!

OMG#2 is well underway, with subscriber boxes already turning up at people’s homes and FREE boxes on their way in the next few days (check

July 04, 2013 Box of OMG, Competitions, OMG TV
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