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OMG 4 Unboxing winner announced!! Who WON an iPad Mini?!

Just a reminder: the Box of OMG 5 is launching TOMORROW!! If we were more excited right now, we might explode. Seriously. It’s that big

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Who got creative with their OMG#4, and WINS a MEGA OMG#5?

Put your boxes down, everyone! Now that the last few Boxes of OMG#4 are going out to #TotallyOMG homes, we’ve come to the end of

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COMPETITION EXTENDED: WIN an iPad Mini with Box of OMG#4!

BIG NEWS EVERYONE! As we’re STILL getting soo many #TotallyOMG entries to our Box of OMG #4 Unboxing Competition, we giving you guys an extra

February 13, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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FASHION ALERT: Model Under Cover featured in Box of OMG#5!

Ever dreamed of working in fashion? Want to find out all about the exciting lives of models and fashion designers? Well we have a #TotallyOMG

February 10, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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Guarantee the Box of OMG#5! See who’s been getting creative :)

As February starts, we know that must mean one thing… the Box of OMG#5 is coming! We know you’ll LOVE this box (but we won’t

February 05, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions

What’s your Box of OMG doing NOW? Guarantee your next!

We’re coming towards the end of the Box of OMG#4, and it’s been #TotallyOMG! From the Unboxing Competition, to your cute Instagram pics, to some

January 30, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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Who gets their Makie made REAL?

Time’s up, guys! After our announcement that 4 exclusive Makies vouchers were released two weeks ago, we’ve had  some #TotallyOMG tweeting, and some really creative

January 28, 2014 Box of OMG, Competition Winners
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Who won one of the LAST MEGA Boxes of OMG#4?

It’s been a #TotallyOMG week here at OMG HQ! After announcing the release of one last batch of MEGA Boxes, we have seen an amazing

January 24, 2014 Box of OMG, Competition Winners

FINAL ALLOCATIONS! It’s your last chance to win a MEGA OMG#4!

So, you thought you’d missed out on the MEGA OMG goodness? Well, think again! We are super-excited to reveal that we have one last batch

January 16, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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BREAKING NEWS: New Makies released! You could still win!

You heard us right guys! We were so excited about our Makies competition last month, that we managed to get another exclusive set of Makies

January 13, 2014 Box of OMG, Competitions
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